Green slaw, what’s that secret you’re keeping?

Half slaw, half raita, this is the perfect side to something spicy. I had it with chicken sprinkled with smoked paprika and then…griddled. Big surprise there! Plus more avo and some of those microwave pulses that are so easy and delish. Grate – quarter of a cucumber, a whole courgette Chop – two spring onions, half an

Saturday morning, take the train for a ride. The sun is up, I got my hummus by my side.

I do use up actual brain time contemplating the spelling of houmous…hummus…homouse (okay possibly not that)??? Time well spent. It’s Sunday and I have fresh beetroot. What more could a girl want? According to The Food Doctor: Healing foods for mind and body by Vicki Edgson and Ian Marber, beetroot is an excellent intestinal cleanser,